Friday, November 23, 2012

Now That's How You Do a Surprise

Americans celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday.
{And Happy Thanksgiving to you.}
Though we had our holiday a while back, the sentiment was definitely felt this November 22nd.

Last night we bundled up the kids and headed to a party.
Ready to get our celebration on for two of our very best friends.
{They also happen to be Fiona's best friend's Moms and our neighbours.}
They met 10 years ago with a dance and,  to paraphrase Stacey's beautiful words, the dance hasn't ended.
It was a party to celebrate the last 10 years of memories, little did we know, a biggie would be made that night.

Halfway through the night, the jazz trio {yep, I said jazz trio} took a break and Stacey rounded everyone up.
Her sister Marcey warmed up the crowd with a poem that would put Dr. Seuss to shame.
Then the girls took the floor to reminisce about the truly fateful day they met.
A real life love-at-first-sight story.
As the story faded into an introduction of a new face in the crowd, the room burst into cheers and applause.
We all realized what was happening.
We were at a wedding.
The person being introduced was a Commissioner.
And we couldn't have been happier.
I also couldn't reach for my phone fast enough to freeze the moment in photos.
I'm so glad I did but trust me when I tell you that they don't do this event justice.

If only I could have captured the beautiful vows they both wrote.
If only I could share the pure joy felt by their parents.
If only you could feel how honoured I was that Kerry asked me to witness their marriage.
If only I could show you that the beauty these two have on the outside doesn't even begin to demonstrate how beautiful they are.

So yes, I {as I'm sure all in the room did} felt so thankful yesterday.
Thankful that I live in a country that respects love in all forms.
Above all, thankful that I count these two among my friends.

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