Monday, November 26, 2012

Green Pillows

I have a clothes bin in the attic that I put my out of season stuff in.
I always like turning over my closet.
Otherwise your sundresses are just hanging there taunting you.
"You wanna wear me but you can't for another 8 months, sucka!"

Well, I feel the same about my home.
In the summer I have bright blankets and throw pillows.
{This year I used the leftover fabric from our wedding favours to make pillow covers.}
Then as soon as I start to take out the Christmas decorations it feels all wrong.
I really wanted to neutralize but still have something interesting.
I knew I needed a nice warm texture in a muted colour, maybe grey?
In the spirit of recycling what I have, I raided my clothing and fabric bins as well as the linen closet and couldn't find anything that fit the bill.
As a last resort I went down to our coat storage and came across the perfect fabric.
I wore this Zara coat postpartum 2 winters ago and pregnant last winter.
It has been stretched and pilled beyond recognition so I felt ok about tearing it apart.
Grey Zara jacket 2010
I started by ripping out the lining and removing part of the zipper.
Once I had a workable section of fabric I laid one of my old pillowcases down and cut with a 1/4 seam allowance.
I was able to get 2 pieces from this coat.
{Bailey enjoyed a nap in the hood while I worked.}

I really wanted 2 pillows so I needed another fabric for the back.
I had a bunch of plain white fabric {thanks Lori!} that was perfect.
I also wanted this to be easy and free.
 Read, not involve zippers and hemming.
I folded the white fabric selvages together and cut a piece that was double the length of the grey piece but the same width.
{Cedric helped.}

I folded this in half and cut along the fold so I was left with 4 pieces all with one selvage edge.
I then laid the grey piece down, right side up.
Laid one piece of white on top with a couple of inches hanging off the edge.

Laid the other piece on top of this with the opposite edge hanging off.
Make sure that the selvage edge is the one opposite from what is hanging over since this will be the edge not sewn into a seam.

I pinned around the edge of the grey piece then sewed with a 1/4" seam.
That's it!
Turn it inside out and stuff the pillow in.
Easy pillow cover
The last time I made this type of cover I didn't overlap the back as much.
It's easier to get the pillow in this way but I found the back gaped open a bit.
I'm really happy with the result.
I also go the husband seal of {comfort} approval.
Cost: $0.


  1. Gosh I wish I could sew!! Let me know if you are ever up to teach a newbie~
    The pillows look amazing and the price is even more amazing.

  2. Thanks Holly!
    I'm sure you'd be a natural.
    C'mon over to my 70's attic/sewing room anytime.


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