Monday, November 5, 2012

Miss Independent

Today was the second time I have left Fiona at school without any tears shed.
She walked in, helped me put her stuff away, kissed me goodbye and started playing.
A part of me thought it would be harder if she was happy to see me go.
I anticipated feeling sad that my little girl didn't need me.

I feel the opposite.

I am so proud that she is confident enough in herself to be without me for the day.
I'm also so happy that she trusts that "Mommy always, ALWAYS come back".
I have worked so hard to keep her trust.
Following through is not always fun or convenient but it is paying off.

Fiona knows that Mommy speaks the truth.

If I give her consequences for her actions, they will be carried out.
{Even if I really don't want to go home/ take away a toy/ turn off the TV etc.}
I sometimes still can't believe that I use words like "consequences" and "confiscated". 
Those are words that my Mom uses, not me.
Oh right...
{I'm reminded once again of this quote I shared a while back.}

I also try really hard to give her honest answers.
I will admit a "little-white-lie" has been known to escape my lips from time to time.
{Jeff and I had her convinced that chocolate tasted bad for the longest time.}
Now, I know you can't reason with a 2 1/2 year old but I feel like the time is coming.
I want her to know that she can trust my information.
I don't ever want her to question whether I'm tricking her or not.
 I'm pretty sure the title of trickster will belong to Daddy.

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