Friday, November 16, 2012

And...Here We Go Again

It's official, we are crazy.
The only consolation is that we now have some partners to share the craziness with.
I know I still haven't introduced Jason and Chloe.
I really have every intention of doing so.
We have been so happy with the partnership.
It has taken our business to a new level.
I was just starting to feel comfortable.

Comfortable?  That won't do.
{That was the universe stepping in again in case you didn't recognize it from previous posts.}

I kind of thought we had bought all we needed at the shop for the time being.
So naive, I know.
We have loaded our space with all this great equipment, what else could we possibly buy?
Why the space of course.

That's right.
We are considering getting ourselves a {very} permanent location.
Delving into the world of commercial real estate.
You know how "they" say that your house will be your largest purchase?
"They" might be wrong.
The thought of a mortgage for $3,000,000 makes me ill.
There are 6 zeros there folks, 6!

I hope that I look back at this post someday and laugh.
Laugh about how I thought $3M was a lot of money.
Yes, I'll have a good chuckle with my personal assistant while we're being flown by private jet to our beach front house in Maui from the condo in Paris.
Too much?

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