Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pinterest: Keep it and Kill it {Take 3}

Bridal showers.
Am I right?

They have become a whole different ball game now thanks to Pinterest.
There are so many good ideas at your fingertips.
We decided to throw a "Pinterest" shower for Jenna a while back.
We would peruse her boards and take ideas from them for the decorations, drinks and food.
 {Except the wedding board of course that would have been cruel.}
The funny part was that Jenna didn't remember pinning many of these things.
That's my issue with Pinterest.
I pin away and rarely go back to look at said pins.
{Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy pinning.}
These are a couple of projects I did for the shower.

 Keep it:
This was an idea for house numbers.
                                                                 Source: ourhumbleabowed.wordpress.com via Jenna on Pinterest

Jenna has actually done this and it turned out great.
I decided to take an old piece of baseboard (6") and twine and do one with her wedding date.
I was really happy with it and she now has it in her home.

 Kill it:
I'm really not being fair to these poor doily lamps.
                                                                               Source: shexists.com via Jenna on Pinterest

The actual pin looks great.  My adaptation, not so much.
I didn't have a stash of crochet doilies and with no rummage sale in my near future didn't know how to acquire any.
I used paper and these are the pathetic results.
I put them up anyways and wish I hadn't because they looked even more pathetic hanging at the party.


What do you think I auto know?


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