Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Sweetest of Weekends

We had the best weekend.
It started out with a visit to the Muttart.
Their feature pyramid is filled with spring flowers.
The sun was shining that day and it was just what we all needed after last week's ugly winter flare up.
As if that wasn't enough we lunched at Culina Muttart.
The Culina family of restaurants never disappoints.
On Saturday something unbelievably exciting happened.
Fiona had her first sleepover!
I'll be honest, I didn't think we were going to venture into this territory for a while.
We are so lucky though, to have a few amazing friends who's kids feel like my own.
These two have grown up together so Charlie just fit right in to our routine.
We started the evening with make-your-own pizzas.
We had a couple birthdays to celebrate so we were out a little late and there was much sugar consumption.
Even that couldn't throw these two off.
After teeth were brushed and stories were read, they were out.
{I knew that double bed was a good idea.}
 Great weekend right?
But wait, I'm not done.
The weekend was capped off with a date {accompanied by Mama Kerry} to the Raffi concert on Sunday.
With ice cream afterwards to boot.
Living it up, toddler style.

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