Thursday, March 14, 2013

Daddy the Rockstar

I think I've mentioned before that Jeff is a drummer.
It's his "thing", the one he loves doing with all his being.
 And he's really {I mean really} good at it.
It's also one of the reasons that our paths crossed so it's an important part of our story.
With all the working and parenting and husbanding there hasn't been much time for drumming.
He has, however, had a great opportunity to do some studio drumming at Two Bodies of Water Productions.
Jeff has known the owner James for a while.
They have played together in the past and James has amazing musical knowledge.
It's a huge compliment that he puts his trust in Jeff to drum for his clients' tracks.

I have been wanting to see the studio for a while.
I thought Fiona would also love seeing Daddy at play work.
So last Sunday we headed down.
The studio is tucked away in a set of commercial condos and doesn't look like much from the outside.
Actually, this sign is the only indication of what lies beyond the walls.
Don't let that fool you, once you get inside it's impressive.
{Sorry for the grainy photos, you can almost see Jeff's head popping up at the back.  I will buy a nice camera soon, promise.}
It's great to see James {who used to jam in our basement} living his passion.
It's also great to see Jeff drumming again.
I used to love going to his gigs at seedy pubs but this was much more cushy.
Fiona loved it too.
She even got a tour and a chance to offer her two cents during a song listening.

PS He was recording for Shaun Boscsh who is definitely worth a listen.


  1. Great fancy new look, on the go! I like the new little car and chubby little fingers. :)

  2. Wow! Awesome! That looks like a pretty decked out studio!


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