Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fiona's Room

I shared Cedric's room on the blog a while back.
I had a lot of fun decorating with the motor theme.
It came easy and felt right in our home and of course our lives as auto body shop owners. 

Fiona's was a little harder.
I kept feeling as though I should make it more girly.
Would I be depriving my little princess by not making the room various shades of bubble gum pink?
Of course not, I would tell myself.
 You'll be doing her a favour, maybe she won't even like pink.
{I laugh at my wishful thinking, her entire world would have a rose tinge now were it up to her.}

Anyways, I came across these pics from Cedric's newborn shoot.
Our {genius} photographer Elaine snuck these shots in at the beginning of the session.
This is when the room was in transition from nursery to toddler so there are some things not finished but it's still the same idea.

The quilt {hanging} was a wedding gift from my lifelong friend Diana.
I love how warm it makes the room feel.
The crib was my Dad's, Aunt's, mine, my sisters', you get the idea.
Just don't make things like they used to eh?
Baby Room
The rocking chair was my Gram's and was shipped here when they were moving out of their house.
I recovered the cushions with some spare fabric and added some ribbon to fasten them to the chair.
Baby Room
 The floor is original and was on it's last leg so couldn't have taken another sanding.
I'm glad because a good wash, prime and paint turned out great.
{I don't know that Jeff would have let me paint the floor otherwise.}
This way I also felt like the furniture wasn't too much wood and didn't have the itch to paint it.
Baby Room
 The toys were left this way by Fiona as was the crib.
I like how these photos are not at all staged but still look so cute.
 This little rocking chair was a gift from my Gram and Grandad {sourced by my Mom}.
Baby Room
 We found the antique chalk board and blue stool at the Old Strathcona Antique Mall.
The Ikea lamp behind the Ikea bookshelf is the perfect amount of light for bedtime stories.
The linen Ikea curtains are just enough to soften the morning light.
Baby Room
A last minute touch was a framed poster of Fiona's first {out of the womb} Dave Matthews Band concert.

The room came together in the end and feels calming and nostalgic.
Though I must admit it's now usually much messier and with many more touches of pink.

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