Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I've Known it From the Moment That We Met...

Today has been an emotional day for multiple reasons.
I have emerged from this March 6th feeling above all, lucky.
I feel especially thankful for our two beautiful babes.
Today is Cedric's birthday and this reminds me that they won't be babes much longer.
Yep, my little man is one.
We had a small celebration dinner at Urban Diner since we'll do it up on the weekend.
Jeff and I spent some time reminiscing about a year ago today.
I was so confident back then that the delivery would go well.
{Jeff was not I found out after the fact.}
Of course I was nervous and emotional but I knew at the time that all would end well.
I don't know if I would have that same confidence today.
I never doubted that my body would birth our children safely.
Even when it seemed like all the odds were against us.
But in the past year I've watched some of my most cherished friends lose their babes.
Amazing, healthy, smart women.
Women who deserve only happiness.
A great friend said to me {after finding out that they weren't pregnant that month} that she believed we each have to wait for the right soul to find us.
Whether or not I believe this, I think it's beautiful.

Cedric, I feel already that you have a kind and wise soul.
It is the soul that made our family feel complete.

" doubt in my mind where you belong."

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