Friday, March 1, 2013


After an unsuccessful attempt at reintroducing ourselves to strollercize this morning we are at home licking our wounds.
I was that Mom leaving the building on the double with 2 wailing children.
My trick to not joining them {in the wailing} is to over compensate on the calm factor.
The more they cry the calmer I am.
When I'm almost at the breaking point I'll try smiling and can usually avoid melting down myself.
I'm sure I look insane to an outsider.
The other trick though is to convince myself that any witnesses are not thinking, "Man, those are some bad kids, she must be a terrible Mom" which, let's be honest, is the conclusion I come to naturally.
Instead I imagine them all thinking "Man, she's so calm, what an amazing Mom."
In actuality, I promise I'm not narcissistic enough to believe that anyone's even paying attention to us.
But it always feels like all eyes are on you when the kids are misbehaving.

Now, I don't want to give the kids a bad rap here.
Everyone's allowed to have an off day now and again but they really are wonderful babes.

Last night for example.
Art Gallery of Alberta
We took advantage of the Servus Community Access Night at the Art Gallery of Alberta.
Some great friends of ours tipped us off about this FREE evening on the last Thursday of every month.
They weren't able to make it this month but since Jeff was home on time we were.
{Jeff's been home for dinner every night this week.  It's a miracle folks!}
Art Gallery of Alberta
I am ashamed to say that this was our first time in the galleries at the new AGA.
I'm pulling the baby card and the business card since we've been in the thick of it since the grand opening.
{I know excuses, excuses right?}
I'm ashamed because this is an attraction that really makes me proud to be an Edmontonian.
The gallery was great, Fiona was great, Cedric slept {which is great}.
It even felt a little like a date which demonstrates how out of touch we are with dating now.
Art Gallery of Alberta
We're getting there, slowly returning to the real world.

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