Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Our New Family Portrait

This blog has been saturated with Cedric milestones so I'm happy to shine some light on Fiona today.
{Light that doesn't involve talk of genitalia that is.}

Fiona and I will often sit down to draw or craft and so far it's been fairly Mommy led.
Well, that's changing.
Fiona leads craft time now, she knows exactly what she wants to make.
If I'm lucky she'll take a suggestion here and there but that's a rarity.

The other night we sat down with just markers and paper and this little girl blew my mind.
Drawing has been mostly scribbling and the odd shape until now.
Fiona always has an explanation for her masterpiece but I can rarely see it.
Then she does this.
Now I'm not expecting anyone else to see this as beautiful.
I, however, think it's amazing.
{And no, I'm not offended that I am by far the largest.}
The members of this family have eyes, noses, mouths, arms, legs and even feet.
And in the right spots.
This is big people.
Definitely a keeper.


  1. So good! You look beautiful, btw. But where is Fiona?

    1. Thanks Jules! She drew herself on the back so it didn't make this one. I'm sure we'll have many to come!

  2. That is an awesome family portrait. So cute (love the stripes).


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