Monday, March 4, 2013

Understanding Gender

I'm taking this blog to a new place today.
I was going to tell you about our weekend but that will have to wait.
We have entered the kids-say-the-darndest-things phase of our lives.
And for some reason I feel compelled to tell you this {somewhat inappropriate} story.

Jeff has been saying that he feels it is no longer appropriate to bathe with Fiona for a while now.
I don't feel the same way but after this bath-time conversation, I get it.

Cedric: Sleeping.
Fiona: One end of the tub getting her lather on.
Mommy: Other end of the tub laying back.

Fiona: Mommy, I washing my peen-ass.

Mommy: Fiona, you don't have a penis.

Fiona: Yah, like Daddy have a peen-ass.

Mommy: Yes, Daddy has a penis...

Fiona: And Cedric haves a peen-ass.

Mommy: Yes and that's because they're...

Fiona:  BOYS!

Mommy: Right and Mommy and Fiona are...

Fiona: GIRLS!

Mommy: Right so do we have penises?

Fiona: No.

Mommy:  Ok, glad we got that sorted.

Fiona: Mommy...

Mommy: Yes Fiona?

Fiona: If I be a boy, I have a purple peen-ass.

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