Friday, May 4, 2012

Drumming Up Business

So to recap, we had opened a PDR shop, added autobody and painting (doubled our square footage in the process) and upgraded our equipment to include a paint booth.  
We were raring to go and had some very loyal customers who kept us working but we needed our sales to take a jump to pay for all we had now invested in.  

If you know my husband Jeff, you know he's a born salesman.  
Convincing, no?

The best thing is though, he doesn't know it.  
He doesn't try to sell, he's not sneaky, he's real.  This is why I think he's so good.  
People love dealing with him and he takes real pride in making our customers happy.
Many nights he comes home happy because someone was impressed with a job our shop did.
The bottom line is that we had a bunch of dealership work because of this but there were so many areas that we weren't drawing work from.  

Just for the title of this post (that's Jeff btw)

Jeff couldn't make a positive impression on individuals until they came in so we had to get them in.
We tried the swarmjam and dealfind thing and did gain a few customers but it wasn't enough.
We did a couple paper ads, doorknob ads and mailouts, again a few customers but just not enough. 
The real success for us was going to the car show.

         The set up.                                     Caught ya Brian!

Obviously right?  We needed people to see the heart of our shop, the people.
Real people!
Truly, that was a main part of the reason our sales have doubled annually for the last two years.
As I said here though, we're now at a plateau.  
We are now looking at increasing our loan, doubling our equipment and adding a staff member.  
It's scary but we think this is how to get to the next level.
Fingers crossed!

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