Tuesday, May 1, 2012


In our youth we always prided ourselves on having great timing.  

We ended up together at the right time.  
We bought and sold property at the right times.  
We went on vacation to warm places when it dropped to -40C in Edmonton.  
We (when I say we I mean I) were able to plan our dream wedding in 3 months.  
All because we just had the right timing

Us in a simpler time at property #1.

Our perfect day.

Pregnant in Vegas(-40C at home), our new financial situation had not yet sunk in!

Then, all of a sudden we became the people with the worst timing.  
We had put it all on the line to open a business that was obviously not going to make us any money for a while.  Luckily I had a great pharmacy manager position and we were able to live on my income.  "Not for long!" said the universe (yes it talks to me) "you're going to need to figure something else out here".  You see, for those of you who don't live in Canada, we have this fantastic year-long maternity leave that you get paid for.  Sounds great right? It is but there's a catch, the pay stinks!  So that income that we were living off of, GONE!

At about the time that this little beauty was born
we decided that spot repairs weren't cutting it any more.  We had been doing these small jobs in an open air shop with a small filtration system and each job would take us 4 times as long as it would have with a booth.  "So get a booth" you say?  That's what we said.  There was the small matter of paying for it though and as you know, we were all in.  
Loan #1 and we were the proud owners of a very expensive pile of parts.  
We quickly realized that we were a long ways away from having an operational paint booth.  
A couple more loans later it was up and running.  
Now we were running so efficiently that the next challenge was to get our name out there and GET MORE BUSINESS!

To be continued...

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