Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Not Auto Related At All

We were getting groceries today (at the store before 9 thanks to a 6:30 wake up call) when I saw the garden centre and couldn't resist.

We hadn't planned on doing a garden or any planting this year due to a newborn and the craziness at the shop.
I figured, I'm up this early, we don't have any morning plans and this could be fun for Fiona(?).

I stuffed 125L of topsoil, some sheep manure and a few flowers in my little Yaris (in addition to our groceries) and we were off.
Luckily Cedric slept in the chariot long enough for Fiona (pink rake in hand) and me to plant this little beauty.
Newly planted urban Garden
We are hoping to enjoy some fresh carrots, beets, lettuce, snowpeas, tomatoes and strawberries this year.  
There is still a chance I mess this up by forgetting not having the time to water and weed.
Hanging flower baskets
My lesson learned today, grab any tiny opportunity that presents itself!


  1. You are so amazing Cheryl! I definitely need to take that advice and start grabbing opportunities.


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