Friday, May 25, 2012

A sigh of....

It was a late one for Jeff and staff last night.
As I said, we got the filters, put them in and did a paint job.
You know what, we think we can make this work!
The booth isn't perfect (there's already rust around the lights) but it looks like Cecile can put out jobs that meet our high standards.

What a relief.

We have been holding our breath for the last 2 weeks in anticipation of this day.  We have both been too scared to mention it and too stubborn to admit that it may not work out. 
We are breathing a little easier today even though we know this ordeal is far from over.
We're just happy that we can keep our customers.  
Another silver lining (I'm just full of 'em) is that it's obvious now just how loyal our customers are to us.  
One of them called Jeff this week to check up on him and actually said he was holding all his work for us.
This is huge!  
This isn't usual practice and we are so proud to have this type of business relationship.

If you're in to vintage cars, the St. Albert Cruisers are hosting their Autorama show & shine this Sunday in the Bay parking lot of the St. Albert Centre from 10-4.
Have a great weekend!

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