Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happy Belated Victoria Day!

As you saw in Friday's post we decided that since there was no work to be done at the shop right now we would take off for May Long on Thursday night!  
We had a fabulous weekend.
The pic that I posted on Friday was Jeff ripping off the old boathouse roof in favour of the new one you see in this picture.
In the meantime I worked on replacing the rotting boards in our deck then repainting it.
This was all of course very challenging with the kids so we tried to keep them occupied.
After we found out that we didn't have enough roofing and our paint had solidified (it was 4 years old) we chilled for the night and headed to the Barrhead hardware store in the morning.  We will forever have nightmares about that place but Jeff commented "at least we know we won't get a call from the shop this weekend".  
Silver lining?  It's a stretch but we'll take it.

For the rest of Saturday we hung out with some great friends!  
The Lairds and the Campbells came out, kids in tow.  
We had 4 girls there, ages 1, 2, 3 and 4 and they had a blast together.  I remember being a kid and saying to my parrents "I don't want to leave!".  
It makes me so happy to hear kids say that now.
On a side note, something else that makes me so happy is having kids that LOVE to be outside and play with so much imagination.  
I feel proud when I watch our daughter occupy herself for hours.
I was having too much fun to remember to take pictures, sorry.

On Sunday it was back to work.  We had to take advantage of the May Long garbage pickup.  
At our lake you can literally leave anything (some of our neighbours left a full hot tub one year) by the road and they will come and pick it up.
Thank goodness we had the truck up and running because taking all of that would have been even more back breaking work than we already had.  
We're both hurting this morning but feeling very productive.
We hope you had a great long weekend as well.

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