Thursday, May 10, 2012

Reality Check

I didn't think I was going to post today since we had a very busy morning and early afternoon but then the stars aligned and both kids decided to nap at the same time!!!  
{Insert inspirational choral music here}

So I grabbed my reward and am ready to tell you about our day.

I had a great visit with an old coworker and great friend Gill this morning.  
Her and her husband Doug are expecting and pregnancy is working for her.  If I'd known I would be posting today I would have taken a pic for evidence but maybe some other time.
We ended up discussing how AMAZING it would be if her hubby could work at our shop.  
He would be a great fit and Jeff already loves the guy so really perfect.

This is giving me even more incentive (as if we didn't have enough) to get to that elusive next level we keep speaking of.  Then and only then we will need another body!

We went straight from the cafe to our long anticipated bank appointment. 
As I said before we would like to purchase more (very expensive) equipment so we can take on larger jobs.  This would also get us on insurance preferred lists which would greatly increase our traffic.

Nothing like a trip to the bank to get a reality check.  

We have a great account manager at the bank and I think he's getting used to our kind of crazy.
He tried really hard to keep it light while going through all the business loans, credit lines and credit cards we have, the mortgages we pay, the vehicles we've borrowed for and the measly salaries we've taken for the last few years all while looking at the two money pits beautiful children with us.  
Grasping at straws for a positive he says "your credit looks really good, no missed payments".  
Yes, thank you, the one thing we do is keep our many debt payments current!

Well, despite all this it's actually looking pretty positive for the loan!
{Insert inspirational choral music here again}

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