Monday, May 7, 2012

Spring cleaning

I think we're a little behind, it's May and I'm just now thinking about spring cleaning.
My butt got into gear because we went to the lake this weekend and there's always a long list of projects out there.  
Not that there aren't at home it's just that they seem more manageable out there, on a bit of a smaller scale. 
For the most part the projects are the usual, paint the deck, fix the boathouse roof, rig up another rain barrel, figure out the current wildlife situation and lots of gardening, mowing and pruning.  

This year however we have decided to take on a couple of bigger things, literally.  We need to do something with the boat and Jeff's old 1 ton truck.

 That's the boat sitting in a couple of inches of water.  
The good news is that this was dry land last year which means the lake is up!  
The bad news we blew up the motor last year.  That is the level of understanding I have, Jeff would be able to give more details as to what's actually wrong with it.  To be fair, the thing is from the 70's and has not been winterized or stored properly for quite some time.  Sorry if that makes some of you cringe to see a boat abused so badly.
We have to decide whether to fix it or sell it, do you think anyone would actually buy this?

I wish I had a picture of Jeff's truck.  It's a beauty, again that's my level of understanding.  I'll take some pics next time we go up and post them then you can join in the fight on whether it's blue or purple (I say purple, this annoys hubby to no end).
It has also been abused as of late since it hasn't moved from it's home in the grass behind the cabin for about 5 years!  The plan is to get it going this year though.  It really deserves to be driven and haul a bunch of stuff, I think that would make it happy.
I did however feel a bit better when we walked down our lake road and saw at least 10 vehicles that have seen a worse fate, what is it with storing old decrepit vehicles at the lake?

Have you all started your spring cleaning?  Any big projects?

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