Thursday, May 24, 2012

Quick One

Just a quick post today.

It's been a tough day for me since I took my little man in for his first immunizations.
I have experienced few things worse than hearing my babies scream as they feel pain for the first time.
As I rocked him and told him that it was all over I thought to myself, "This is only the beginning babe".
There are so many hard times, painful times and as a parent I can't stand the thought that I won't be able to prevent them all.

Jeff and I both have amazing parents.  
When we got married many people commented how unusual it was that both our parents were still together.  Even all of our grandparents were either married, passed on married or widowed.
{Of course I'm not saying that this is why they're great parents, it's just a side note.}

Even as adults I can feel that our parents want to protect us.  
Whenever we hit a rough patch at the shop they are always ready and willing to help.

Speaking of rough patches, we got the new filters for the booth today!
As I type this they are firing it up and praying that it works.
I'll let you know tomorrow how that all pans out.
Keep your fingers crossed for us.

{So, not as quick as I anticipated.
Sorry if you read this post under false pretences.}

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