Thursday, August 23, 2012

Buried Alive

I have been spending the day buried in paperwork and tulle.
Odd combination I know.
The tulle...well, I'll have lots to tell about that after this weekend.
Not quite this shade of tulle but it's a good visual, no?
Sorry Jenna!
The paperwork is for yet another {insert expletive here} loan application.
As I was telling you, we were approved then turned down for a loan from our bank.
We have now filled out all the paperwork and been approved to lease our equipment.
That takes care of the equipment part of the equation.
Now we just have to pay for some extra hands on deck.
To do this we are applying for a loan with the BDC.
This requires preparing approximately 847 {I may be exaggerating a smidge} pages of information on the business and us.
I'll say it again.
It's a heck of a reality check to see your financial situation all laid out in black and white.
{And a boatload of red.}

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