Monday, August 13, 2012

Mama Guilt

I was told that you never really know guilt until you're a parent.
I always found this hard to believe
Now I believe it.
I am constantly feeling guilty.
If Cedric stays in the jumper a little long so I can post...guilty.
If Fiona gets KD for lunch...guilty.
If we watch more than a couple hours of TV in a day...guilty.

Well Sunday was a biggie.
We went out for my wonderful friend Jenna's stagette on Saturday night.
I arrived home at 4am, overindulged.
Pre-kids I would have stayed in bed all day.
However, I already felt guilty for not being around all day Saturday so at 7:30 I was up.
I willed myself into getting out of bed and hanging with Fiona, my will faded.
Have I mentioned my husband is wonderful?
He took pity on me and let me go back to bed.
{He did laugh at me all day though, not so wonderful.}
At 10:30 I didn't feel much better but needed to get moving.
We had Cirque de Soleil tickets.
This was supposed to be Fiona's special outing with Mommy and Daddy.
It was the last thing I felt like doing.
Jeff said, "stay home, I'll take her".
I thought about it, considered it, then started to cry.
The thought that I would miss a day for my little girl because I went out was unbearable.
I couldn't stand the guilt!
I then proceeded to wash my face, belt my dress and suck it up.
Mama and daughter
So tell me parents wiser {notice I didn't say older} than me does the guilt ever go away?

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