Tuesday, August 28, 2012

One of Those Days

If you were hoping for a happy or cute post today, stop reading.

Today is one of those days where it feels like I'm being crushed.
I have these once in a while when things are crazy at the shop.
The end of the month is coming and we are short on money for bills.
Our bills are a little higher since we hired a new bodyman {more on him later}.
It's also taking many of our customers an extra long time to pay.
{We have lots of money in receivables, this does us no good right now.}
It's been tight before and there has always been a way to make it work.
It will work out this time.

There are some other stresses too though.

Things always feel harder when Jeff and I don't have time together.
We depend on each other to talk things out and reassure each other.
Because of all the hail work we have right now this is not happening.

We are also still trying to deal with Disaster 2012.
Our "loss of business" insurance paid us a pathetic amount compared to what we actually lost.
We have put out money to fix damage and this has not been reimbursed.
Now the company that installed the sprinklers is giving us grief.

This is just too much for someone who is still postpartum to deal with!
Sorry for the bummer but my shoulders feel a little lighter now.

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