Friday, August 24, 2012

When You Go to Canmore

You have to check out the Carter-Ryan Gallery and Live Art Venue.
Carter-Ryan Gallery
We went on our little trip to Canmore and it was great.
Beautiful art by Jason Carter paired with a fantastic book by Bridget Ryan.
It's really the best of both worlds for parents.

Carter-Ryan GalleryCarter-Ryan Gallery
Carter-Ryan Gallery
Just get the kids past the breakable beautiful sculptures in the front and "Who is Boo?" is laid out page by page under huge pieces of art.
Jenna had brought us a copy of the book a while back and Fiona already loved it so excitedly squealed "Boo" when she saw a painting of the loveable bunny.
Reading toddler
Reading toddlerReading toddler
We were also so lucky to get a print to display proudly in Cedric's room.
Boo by Jason Carter
We all can't wait to hear more about Boo's adventures.

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