Friday, August 17, 2012

The F Word

The last few mornings have felt like Fall.
There I said it, FALL.
It's crazy but that little chill in the air in the mornings makes me excited.
Excited for the sweaters, the boots, the scarves, the comfort food and the colours, oh the colours!
Toddler in Fall
I really love fall and I'm sorry if the thought of it gets you down.

This little chill has also given me a little kick in the butt.
I have been thinking all summer of the great things I would do with Fiona come Fall.
Yesterday, my usual blogging time was consumed with online registrations.
So far we have enrolled in a gymnastics class and swimming.

{I have been inspired by the Olympics I must admit.
If I could put her in rowing right now I would.}

The gymnastics class was a challenge since Ortona was switching over their website yesterday.
I realized that I am useless at finding contact info if it's not readily available on the web.
Phone books?  Do we still have those?

Swimming was also less than straightforward since many of the classes are full.
Thanks to our friends Carmen and Lea who helped us find one with openings!

My last task is to get Fiona into one day a week of preschool.
I'm looking forward to a day alone with Cedric.
That Mama Guilt is kicking in and I feel like he doesn't get enough any one-on-one time.
I have visions of us baking "pumpkin-y" or "spice-y" things and taking crunchy walks.
Baby and Pumpkins

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  1. Oooooo - I am so jealous. It was nearly 100 today. I can't wait for a break from this heat.


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