Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"It's good for the soul...

...when there's not a soul in sight."
I heard this in a song playing on our drive home tonight.
{Can anyone tell me which song?}
This line resonated with me.
You see, it struck me these last couple of days that I'm never alone.
We were up in Canmore with our friends Jenna and Steve.
The first thing we all noticed up there was the quiet.
It's amazing how much noise we live with in the city.
We don't even notice it anymore and if we do it's oddly comforting.
It really hit me though when I took the opportunity of having 2 people there who love my kids and went for a solo run.
I have been going on some runs alone, but never this alone.
At one point I was nervous that I hadn't seen anyone in the last 2km.
That can't be possible, I thought, something is wrong.
Running alone
Nope, just alone. 
Mountain Road
Literally not a soul in sight.

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