Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend at the Farm {Wedding Style}

It feels like the summer has been leading up to this weekend and next.
I have been honoured with the title of Bridesmaid for 2 great friends.
{Don't you dare call me a matron!}
And now one of those weddings is done, just like that!

We headed out Friday to set up a bit but there was a bigger task looming.
I was to teach a super secret flash mob.
We danced into the darkness.
Luckily all the friends learning were great with kids so I had lots of help with Feefs and Cedric.
You see Jeff was MIA due to the big hail storm this week.
We are now backlogged with hail damaged cars.
Well, these are one of those times when the scale has tipped so far that it's near impossible.

Jeff did manage to make it there on Saturday just in time for me to zip out for pics.
Farm WeddingFarm Wedding
The weather cooperated, it was beautiful.
The bugs were a different story.  Those country mosquitos are mighty and no amount of citronella could keep them from my bare legs.
Honestly though, I didn't notice until the middle of the night, the rest was too beautiful.
Diana has always had such a great sense of style.
I've always admired how everything she does looks beautiful but easy and soulful.
They sourced almost everything from western Canada and found a caterer that would do the same.
Their dresses were made in Alberta (more about that later) and BC.
Their favours were homemade jam.
Farm Wedding
 Fiona couldn't wait to start dancing in her boots and Cedric couldn't care less about his.
He was much more interested in the ribbons on the table runner.
{Ced's boots were from Dan at Stallion with the big boot across the street from the shop.}
Dancing ToddlerFarm Wedding
Farm WeddingDancing Toddler
 Sunday we were back at the farm for a post-wedding potluck and penny carnival.
It was less busy so I was able to take a couple shots of this fantastic farm.
With a couple of the fam at the end. 
{Fiona and I rocked our boots again.}
Farm Wedding
Farm Wedding
Shield AutomotiveShield Automotive
 Congrats to Diana and Carly!

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