Monday, October 22, 2012

Ready to Rummage

Ok that was bad I know but it kinda rang true.
This weekend was the SEESA fall rummage sale.
I have been meaning to go to one of these for years!
Each year I'm either pregnant or have a baby so I forego the sale.
Well, this year I still have a baby but also had a Jenna and a Steve who offered to help out.
{Jeff was working on hail again this weekend.  
Thanks Daddy, we so appreciate how hard you work.}
Rummage Sale
I wore Cedric and Fiona was a doll on her best behaviour.
wood bowls
We went at opening to get the best selection.
Now I'm glad we did but that timing is what gave this post it's title.
Those rummage salers are ruthless determined!
Cedric actually got a hand in his face at one point so I didn't last long in the big room.
Rummage Sale boys clothes
Despite that I managed to do pretty well.
 Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa, I even went back on Sunday for a more leisurely {albeit picked over} browse.
I hightailed it out of there before the $2 bag madness began though.
I have my limits.
Rummage Sale soup bowls
 Those little girl guides were also there and they just get me every time.
As my Grandma would have said "they're lovely girls".
{I'm channelling Grandma after seeing so much that reminded me of her this weekend.}
Girl Guide Cookies
All that and I only spent $21!
Now I know I've been talking about purging rather than bringing more in.
The bonus of this though was that I was prompted to organize and clean up a bit to fit my new treasures in.
Just let me justify it ok?

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