Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bringing Home the Tree

It's one of the great challenges of the Christmas season.
How are we going to get the tree home this year?
We're never prepared.
Luckily the lot we go to always has some twine for us to tie the tree down.
Let me reminisce about our different solutions each year.

2008: Jeep Diesel = roof rack = easy-peasy.
Bringing home the Christmas tree

2010: Yaris = tied through the interior =wasn't sure we'd make it.
Bringing home the Christmas tree

2011: Jeep SRT8 = no roof rack + toddler in a car seat = sticking out the back window.
Bringing home the Christmas tree

Bringing home the Christmas tree

 2012: 2 car seats + Mitsubishi with roof rack = {see 2008}
Bringing home the Christmas tree
I was sad that I didn't find all the years since my favourites were 2005 and 2007.
This was before I realized that I needed to record moments.
{You were right Mom, ok?}

2005: Living downtown in the loft = walked home with the tree on our grocery cart.
{You know, the ones your Grandma has.}
This was by far my favourite, it felt like a scene from a romantic comedy.
Not to mention we overheard a group of girls gushing "Awww, that's so romantic!"

2007: Toyota Tercel + no roof rack = improvisation.
This year we didn't have any kids in the back and I guess didn't feel like tying.
We drove home with the tree crosswise through the interior and hanging out each back window.
This was my second favourite.
Even though I was in charge of holding onto the tree, I was still well aware of all the pointing and puzzled looks coming our way.

Does anyone else have any good stories?

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