Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Fire is So Delightful

Back in the days when Jeff and I had money to burn {literally} we had this little beauty installed.
Soapstone Fireplace
Our 100 year old house had an empty shell that at one time housed a gas fireplace.
It would have been much easier and cleaner to get another gas unit installed.
Jeff would have none of that.
Fire-starting is one of his true loves.

Unfortunately this year, buying wood has gone on the back burner {pun intended}.
Every night when the temperature would drop below -10C Jeff would sigh "it would be so nice to have a fire."
But wood is expensive you know and we're kinda burning the candle at both ends {last one}.
Well, Christmas came early and yesterday Jeff's parents had this dropped off.
After an hour of ever so carefully piling chucking the wood on the porch, Jeff came in for his reward.
He got the fire roaring and we spent the rest of the night huddled close to it.
The weather was frightful and we had no place to go.


  1. Sounds so cozy! I think some of the happiest memories are made when we have little more than each other.:) Our house used to have a wood burning stove but the line was removed at some point before we got here. Would have loved to make use of it!

    1. Thanks for reading Chelsea!
      You are so right, you realize there's not much more that you need in those times.


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