Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Crafting: Potato Stamps

A couple of weeks ago Mom was heading out east.
This was the perfect opportunity to get Christmas gifts to relatives and avoid shipping costs.
I decided to make a project of the wrapping and introduced Fiona to Potato Stamps.
We used to do this as kids and I love the look they produce.

All you do it cut the potato in half.
We used cookie cutters to get the shape we wanted.
Make sure you dig the cutter in at least a 1/2 inch.
 With a paring knife cut around the shape and you're done.
I wanted to make this project with what we already had.
Unfortunately our paint had turned. {It looked curdled, did you know this happened?}
Enter: Homemade Paint.
Really easy recipe, pretty good results.
The only issue we had was that it foamed {a lot} so I had to spread some out on a plate and get the bubbles out before it was stamp-able.
It would probably be good if you just let it sit for a while too but I'm impatient.
 Fiona loved it and the kraft bags {that we already had} looked so sweet.
 I'm pretty sure we will be using this technique for all our wrapping this year so if you get a gift from us act surprised would ya?
I was sure I took a shot of the finished product but can't find it, you get the idea though.

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  1. You are so creative! I'm totally going to use this idea when Addy gets older!


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