Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Work Is Your New Favourite

{The Christmas movies are out so I apologize in advance for any Elf or Grinch quotes.}

Jeff  and Jason are working a ton, almost every night and weekend.
Obviously our family time has been minimal.
So minimal that I was starting to worry that the unthinkable would happen.
Would we actually not find time to get a Christmas tree?

Well, Jeff and I had a blowout discussion this weekend.
We all came to the conclusion that we need to start a schedule.
When you work for yourself no one is assigning shifts.
You work when you decide to.
This can be great.
When you're still in the growing stages, not so much.
You end up feeling the need to work as much as possible.
The business is your baby.
You want it to grow and thrive.
You're terrified of failing.

We understand that this is what we signed up for and are willing to put in the time.
It was, however, getting out of hand.
For example, the looming thought that we would be Christmas-tree-less.

I'm happy to report that Christmas has been saved and this is what we did last night.
Christmas trees
Thank you for your supportChristmas treesChristmas trees

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