Friday, December 7, 2012

Dear Strollercize: I Hate You, I Love You

Don't worry I'm not going to submit you to my poetry again.
{If you fancy a refresher, you can find my work here.}

I went to my first strollercize class at the Kinsmen Sports Centre when I was 7 months pregnant with Fiona.
I didn't go in with any expectations but this class blew me away.
This is not a class designed to ease your post-partum body back into exercise.
This is not where you go to meet other Moms and have a chat.
This is a jump-in-head-first-couldn't-catch-your-breath-to-chat-if-you-wanted-to class.
It's a mix of cardio and strength training.
Think circuit training or boot camp.
I definitely credit it with my quick rebound after Fiona.
Once I got pregnant with Cedric I stopped going and it fell off my radar.
Well, I finally went back and am again blown away.
I ran a 10K in September, I'm not in terrible shape.
This class kicks my butt.
I'm talking hurting for 3 days after.
{I am also pushing 80 lbs instead of 40 lbs like last time.}
The up-side is that I got over a fitness plateau that I've been at for months now.
And after going only once a week for 3 weeks.

We haven't been feeling the best so I missed last week's class.
But now I'm all fired up to get back to it today.
The other bonus is that there are bouncy castles for the kids after.
{Always nice to have a carrot for good behaviour right?}
I'm also really proud of the Husband who's been hitting the gym every day this week.
We need that guy to be around for a long time so the healthier the better.

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