Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Aftermath

I could describe today in two words.
Thankful and Recovery.

We always feel very lucky but never more than at Christmas.
There was, of course, so much generosity.
We spent hours today going through all of the gifts.

Christmas giftsChristmas gifts
baby uggs

What I am thankful for more than anything though is the time spent with family and friends.
I know, it's cliché but nothing makes me happier than having 14 people share a dinner at our house.
I love setting the table.
I love the meal planning.
I'm even {learning to} love the meal prep.
Oh, and I LOVE getting the kids dressed up.

This year was a little tricky since Jeff was it out of commission.
He was sicker than a dog and in bed for the better part of the day.
He's usually the turkey/gravy guy but I managed to flub my way through.
Thank goodness for parents to help with the cooking and carving.
The meal turned out great and the company was unbeatable.

Now for the recovery.
Jeff slept for about 14 hours and is feeling much better.
I've been cleaning and organizing but the house is still not fully recovered.
I actually like to leave it set up for a little while.

Christmas passes too quick so anything to hang on for a bit right?
The kids are having a blast with their loot and are doing a little recovering of their own.
Suffice it to say there have been no sleep protests today.


  1. Sorry to hear about the illness - my hubs was sick last year for Christmas... it was rough.

    Love, love, love the book "loot". Books are such a great gift!

    Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for reading!
      He is feeling much better and was at least able to enjoy New Years.
      I agree, books are the best gifts.


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