Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Crafting: TP Reindeer

I got this idea from this TP Roll Owl that has been all over Pinterest.
{I chose one of the many links but can't guarantee it's the original.}
Just a Christmas-y twist on this cute idea.

We started by folding the top of the roll over a piece of pipe cleaner {about 1/2 of a piece}.
If you put a dab of glue on top it prevents the antlers from popping out.
We cut the other half of the pipe cleaner into 2 smaller pieces.
Then we used those 2 pieces to make the antler branches.
We glued 2 eyes and 2 pom poms on for the nose.
We then put a bow and eyelashes on one to make it a girl.
I am fully aware that females would not have antlers but this is a toddler craft ok?
**Correction: See Diana's comment.**
That's it.
Fiona thinks they're pretty cute.
 Speaking of pretty cute, Fiona brought this home from school.
I have been dreading looking forward to the day we have school crafts on our tree.
Now it feels complete.


  1. Actually... Reindeer are some of the only 'deer family' creatures where both male and female grow antlers. Most male reindeer drop their antlers in late fall - and female's keep theirs until spring/summer until they give birth. SO - Santa's helpers - female. :)


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