Monday, October 29, 2012

Aspiration Time

No, I'm not going to lay out my hopes and dreams.
This post is not about that type of aspiration.

It's happened.
My little man has his first cold.
He woke up snorting this morning but still sported a smile.
Such a trooper.
It's really such a sad thing to watch a baby who can't breathe out of his nose try to nurse.

Fiona was a bit of a stuffy baby.
I didn't realize this until we had Cedric.
We haven't even had to break out the saline and nasal aspirator in his first 7 1/2 months.

Well, it's time.
Nasal aspiration is really not my favourite thing.
{I know you're shocked.}
I find those little squeezy bulbs {that's the technical term, no?} quite intimidating.
 I don't feel like I have a lot of control over the sucking pressure and I'm terrified that I will accidentally squeeze it while it's still in the baby's nose.

Cue the Hydrasense nasal aspirator.
I was tipped onto it by a friend {thanks Andrea} and it's wonderful.
It's still disgusting. 
More actually.
You see it still has a bulb but instead of squeezing it, you put the tube that's attached to the other end in your mouth and suck.
No, this is not a gross Halloween prank, it's real.
Please note that the tube is about 6 inches long and there's a filter in the bulb.
No snot gets close to your mouth, ever!

Cedric is napping at the moment but I've pulled out the supplies and am ready to aspirate.

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