Monday, October 1, 2012

Leaves: AKA, Reliving My Youth

We had a beautiful weekend.
It was made even better because we got to relax with Jenna and Steve who you may remember from their fantastic wedding.

As I said on Friday, Jeff took the weekend off.
{He did however run to the shop at 9pm to grab payroll hours, sigh.}

Now to the subject of this post.
I have been dreaming about the day that our kids would love to play in the leaves.
Raking a big pile to jump in just takes me right back to teased hair and Tiffany.
I might have to wait for Cedric to do the jumping though.
Feefs kept inviting people to sit "in a my house".
So we surely couldn't mess up the walls.

It was said many times over the weekend that this was probably our last warm one.
But c'mon now, we're Canadian.
We'll still be walking, playing and sitting around the campfire until at least -20C.

Speaking of cooler weather, I saw something truly shocking...

Christmas is 12 weeks away you guys!
12 weeks!
Anyone have any toddler-friendly Christmas charity suggestions?
Fall leaves
Fall leavesFall leaves
full moon
Fall leaves
Fall leaves

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