Monday, October 8, 2012

Pinterest: Keep it and Kill it

Keep it:

Simple way to free green onions it's called.
This actually works!
They do grow and the bonus is that it looks great sitting on your counter.
The only problem is that you have to save the white parts for regrowing and sometimes you want to use those for cooking.
It also doesn't work forever, I mean how could it?
You can't just grow infinite green onions out of water, right?
I found that after a while they had less flavour.
I'm talking a month plus though, still pretty good!
Also, change the water fairly often or they get slimy.

                                                                       Source: via Cheryl on Pinterest

 1 week!

Kill it:
I thought this would be a cute project for Fiona.
You know, watch it grow, like you do with the beans in elementary school.
Well, I'm sticking with the beans since what was supposed to look like this:

                                                                Source: via Cheryl on Pinterest

Ended up looking like this:
6 weeks later, nada!
I actually went back to the website to see if I was doing something wrong and the page is not found now so this project is dead.

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