Thursday, October 18, 2012

Impromptu Bib Success

Something wonderful happened last time we were at the lake.
I forgot Cedric's bib.
Ok, you're right, that doesn't sound wonderful.
I didn't think so at first either.
Then I grabbed a tea towel, folded it in half and tied it around his neck.
Voila, the best bib you've ever put on your baby!
I'm not kidding you.
It has it all.
You know how you pay out the wazoo for the food catching pouch?
It has that.
You know how you pay extra for those super large bibs that cover their shoulders because inevitably the dog will bark or the toddler will scream by and the baby will whip their head around before you get a chance to spoon off that extra food and it ends up all over their shirt?
I know you do.
It has that!
You know how you also break the bank for a bib that kind of makes your baby look like a really cute cowpoke/hipster?
It has that too!
I love a good discovery, especially the thrifty kind.

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