Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mason Jar Coffee

That's right, mason jar.
A couple of days ago my french press shattered.
I was devastated.
I have come to love my french press.
I've done drip, espresso and even had a short stint with instant.
{In my first trimester with Cedric I couldn't stand the smell of brewing coffee.}
I have found that the press produces the smoothest cup.
{I'm sure the half and half doesn't hurt.}

Just go buy another right?
I probably would have if the kids weren't in bed already.

Ok then just take out one of the other methods.
I almost did.

But I had just had a bunch of beans ground for the french press.
Besides I just didn't want to go back to these other methods.

I thought "I'm sure I can simulate a french press."
And so was born my version of Mason Jar Coffee.
{Patent pending, not really.}

1. Boil water.
{I know the visual is really helpful right?}
 2. Get your supplies.
Mason Jar
Coffee (course grind)
4"x 4" piece of porous fabric
{I used tulle since I had a bunch leftover from some projects a couple months ago.}
Cloth of some sort
Mason Jar Coffee
 3. Put coffee in jar.
I usually do a heaping tbsp for each cup (250ml) but that may be a little weak for you.
Many websites say 2 tbsp for each 250ml in a french press.
Mason Jar Coffee
 4. Pour in boiling water.
This is getting complicated, I know.
Mason Jar Coffee
 5.  Put the lid on {not the ring} and let steep for about 5 mins.
You should have that nice bloom on top.
Mason Jar Coffee
 6. Give it a quick stir {I just used a chopstick} and the grounds will sink a bit.
Mason Jar Coffee
 7. Place the fabric in top.
Mason Jar Coffee
 8. Screw the ring over the fabric.
Mason Jar Coffee
9. Pour! 
This is a 2 hand job so I have no pic but I think it's pretty self explanatory.
The jar does get hot hence the washcloth or something to hold it with.

That's it.
I even tested this method out on my former-barista sister yesterday and she gave it a thumbs up.
I love the fact that I didn't spend any money on this or add more gadgets to the house.
{I am a little anti-gadget for those who don't already know this about me.}
It's a keeper.



    1. Hi Sandy,
      Thanks for stopping by! I'm sure you could, the pour would probably just be slower and I would worry about it tearing since all the heavy grounds collect at the top when pouring. Let me know if you try it!

  2. I just found this! I have cheesecloth. I'll let you know how that goes if you're interested.

  3. I'm so grateful for this post!
    I miss my own dear French Press very much, and I feel a taaaaaad foolish for not thinking of it earlier.
    You're a life-saver!

  4. Went thru 4 coffee makers at work. I found a method that works for me. Mason jar, add coffee, hot water from water machine. Let soak. Cut a two litter funner, place filter in it. Pour hot Mason coffee into cup. Yes, it gets hot. So wear gloves. Coffee comes out strong as bull


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