Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tap That

{It's not just you, the titles are getting worse.}

I have roots in Ontario.
Both my parents lived there until they were in their mid-twenties.
We went back every year to visit.
When coming home we often brought back a bucket of maple syrup.
That's right folks, a bucket.
Maple syrup is a staple out east.
Salt, pepper, sugar, maple syrup.
Not in that order.
So I grew up with an intense love for maple syrup.
REAL maple syrup.
I have often settled for "maple type syrup" because of the price difference.
Recently I discovered President's choice 15% maple syrup.
It's not the same as the real thing but it's a decent stand-in at a fraction of the cost.

Well, Diana and Carly were at the cabin a while back.
 Jeff, of course, made his to-die-for french toast.
And I took out the good old 15%.
Cut to a couple weeks later when they showed up with this...
Maple syrup
...tied up with a bow no less.
Well, seeing as dinner was in the works, I wasn't about to whip up a batch of pancakes.
{I'm not above having pancakes for dinner.}
But I really wanted to dive into this jug.
Then I remembered something my Mom used to do.
easy Maple syrup dessert
Looks good right?
It is.
Vanilla ice cream sprinkled with granola and drenched topped with maple syrup.

{A special thanks to Kim for leaving the ice cream after our meeting last week.}


  1. I love your title. I most defo giggled out loud. And that looks delish.

  2. YUMMY!!!

    Here in Germany it's the real deal or a trip to a specialty store to get the fake stuff. So we pay out the wazoo to have real maple syrup on our pancakes every Saturday morning.

  3. Thanks Kirsten, I couldn't help myself.
    Charmian, after getting back to the real stuff I think I'm sticking with it. It surprises me what is considered "specialty" over there!


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