Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's Something Unpredictable

Fall walk Shield Autobody
Photo courtesy of Jenna McColl-Easby
This weekend is Thanksgiving here in Canada.
I'm thankful that we are able to make time to have meals with both our families.
That both have very strong, loving families.
That we have a beautiful family of our own.

I'm also thankful for another family.
Our shop family.
It drives me crazy how some big corporates say that they care about their employees.
Who's they?  
The CEO?  
Does he know the employees?
Now I'm not trying to say the proverbial "Man" is all bad, I've been treated quite well at large companies.
My point is that there's a difference between "taking care of" and "caring about" your employees. 
Well, we take care of our employees but we also really care ABOUT them.
We often put their well-being ahead of our own.
So when someone leaves this shop family of ours it's sad.

We had such a situation yesterday.
The parting is probably best for both sides.
Sometimes if it's not a good fit then you just can't force it.

I did, however, find myself sitting up last night thinking about his family.
He wasn't just a number to us, we knew his family's names and some of their struggles.

I know he will be fine, he's an inspiring person who has done so well for himself and his family with little to start.

In the end it's right.

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