Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Equipment {AKA Before You Came Into Our Lives We Missed You So Bad}

It's here!
We have all the equipment in.
We are now arguably the best equipped auto body shop in town.

Frame Rack

This is what allows us to do framework on site.
We are now officially a full auto body repair shop.
{insert applause}

Velocity Max

With this we can measure the condition of your vehicle's frame including body openings.
It will tell us exactly what needs to be done to return it to it's original state.
We can also give you printed documentation of this information.


The ProSpot i4 can handle the most difficult to weld materials.
It includes an OEMprogrammable feature with detailed repair illustrations and customized weld programs.
Translation {for those with my level of knowledge}: Super amazing welder, fix good.
If you want more detailed info visit the Shield website.

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