Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Introducing Our Boys

After writing yesterday's post it struck me that I have never talked about our own dogs.
Jeff and I both love dogs.
Definitely dog people.
I also love cats, Jeff not so much.
When Jeff and I were living in our downtown loft we were restricted by the condo bylaws.
We could have "small dogs". 
There was no definition as to how small they needed to be but I had always loved Pomeranians.
When I first made this suggestion I think Jeff thought I was joking.
These weren't "real" dogs, he's always had "real" dogs.
I did my research and found a good breeder in Saskatchewan.
We could have our puppy in a matter of months.
Jeff agreed and he was on his way.

When Jeff got home I was sitting with Bailey on the couch.
He asked "where is he? Did you pick him up?" looking for something more substantial.
When I put him down, Jeff could do nothing but laugh at the hamster sized fluff-ball running towards him.
As we all know though, tough guys fall hard and Jeff quickly fell for that fluff-ball.
About a year later we decided Bailey needed a friend and added Piper to the family.
They were our babies.
I dressed them up {sorry to admit it} and we took them everywhere.
They were even walked down the aisle at our wedding in tuxedo collars.
{I'm so ashamed.}
That is, until we had real babies.
We still love our boys but treat them much more like the pets they are.
I'm sure they're relieved.

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