Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Just Gonna Squeeze This One In

It has felt very busy around here the last couple of days.
We've been consumed with sickness, Halloween, bookkeeping/payroll and work.

{Yes, I'm back working 3 hours a week.  
Thank you to the feds for hearing our complaints about some of the EI changes.}

I will hopefully have some more time tomorrow to sit down and write more.

For today I just want to hit you with this little gem.
zippy's auto edmonton
Nope, not a Halloween display.
 That's our shop neighbour, Greg, at Zippy's Auto.

This came off of Jeff's phone when he sync'd it last night.
{This happens once every couple of months.}
Apparently he stopped to see if Greg was ok, thinking he was stuck.
Once he knew he was ok {just hard at work} Jeff snapped a couple of pics.

If you're looking for an honest mechanic, Greg is it.
He's who we trust with our own vehicles.

Have a happy and safe Halloween

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