Tuesday, October 2, 2012



Approx. 2002? - October 1, 2012

I'm not sure when Rex was born.
It was always an estimation due to his unusual barging into the family's lives.

In the dark times of Jeff's life Before I was around a very hairy and homeless Rex and his pregnant girlfriend jumped into Jeff's car.
They could sense this sucker dog-lover right away I'm sure.
Most people would shoo the intruders out and drive away.
Not my Jeff.
He let them stay, found the girlfriend a home and welcomed Rex to the family.

Rex was asking for help, Jeff obliged and Rex never forgot it.
He was a loyal, obedient and friendly dog.
He loved being around people so loved his days at the shop.

When Jeff moved out, Rex stayed with his best friends Diesel and Max with Jeff's parents.
Jeff gets his dog loving ways from them you see.
We said goodbye to Max about 6 years ago.
We said goodbye to Diesel in March.
You know when a couple has been together for a long time and they pass within months of each other.
Rex and Diesel were that couple.
Lifelong partners who couldn't go on without the other.

We found out Rex had cancer a couple weeks back.
It took him quickly and quietly.
We love you Rex.


What do you think I auto know?


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