Tuesday, September 25, 2012

100th Post

I can't believe I've done a 100 of these.
When I started this blog it was a way to communicate how the business was doing.
Over the months {as I'm sure you can tell} it has morphed into a more personal blog.
When I went to Mamablogs with Amber last week one of the topics was "your voice".

It got me thinking about what the voice is here.

It's always been my own voice. 
I've always written exactly what I think or feel.
Cheryl, uncensored.

However, when I started writing, just 5 months ago, the business was smaller and less complicated.
Now, as I've been saying, we're growing and changing.
It's for this reason that I've been feeling like it's not fair to represent the business with my voice alone.
This doesn't mean you won't hear about it.
I just want to try to use my voice to represent the whole group.

The business still affects our family in many ways so I will always write about that.
I also really can't resist posting about some of the crazy stuff that goes through the shop.
As I've said before, some people's vehicles just blow me away.

Did you notice the change in look?
I was feeling a little dark with the old template so switched it up for a lighter feel.
Better?  Did you prefer the old one?
I always love feedback, so bring it on.

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