Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Toronto Part 2: Family

 I have often been jealous of those who have their extended family close.
My parents {Jeff's as well} moved out west when first married.
Their intention was for my Dad to finish school at the UofA then head back to Toronto.
I'm not sure just how Alberta became home. 
I assume opportunities presented themselves.
Before they knew it they had built a life for themselves out here.
Now, I'm an Alberta girl through and through. 
That hasn't stopped me from fantasizing, now and then, of living closer to all these wonderful people.  
{This is really just a taste, I managed to miss a bunch.}
One of my favourite shots is this one {below} of the oldest and youngest grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
My Gram has always liked pictures with significance like this.
{Fiona was not in the mood to stand still so this was me grabbing her as she ran by.}
When I took Fiona to school yesterday I told one of the teachers about our weekend.
She exclaimed "She has great-grandparents?  She's so lucky.".
I never thought about it, but she is fortunate enough to have 3.
Jeff and I both only have memories of only one.
My only memory was of my great-granmother in a hospital bed.
Jeff has me beat though with his memory of his great-grandmother being wheeled out after passing.

On that cheerful note...
We packed a year's worth of visiting into 3 days.
We managed to see over a dozen relatives.
The visits covered the spectrum from a hectic but wonderful lunch bunch to a fantastic leisurely lunch and afternoon with Fiona's Great-Aunt Julie.
As I said yesterday, completely worth it.

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