Monday, September 3, 2012

Weekend in the City {Wedding Style}

It's over, just like that.
No more weddings this summer.
Jenna married Steve this weekend and it was fabulous.
I was so honoured to be a part of this wedding as I was the last.
I loved that they were so different yet had many similarities. 
Different: Picture locations
Let me just start by saying that those who know Jenna know that my girl has connections.
They also know that if she has her mind {or heart} set on something, step aside, it will happen.
For location #1 she had us climb up a ladder and through a trap door {I'm not making this up folks} to the roof of the Sutton Place hotel.  
The remainder of the locations were also urban and just as fun.  
Nothing, however, topped the finale at a XXX sign on Jasper Avenue.
Sutton Place Hotel WeddingSutton Place Hotel Wedding
Same: Favours
Jenna also had some locally sourced and hand packaged favours.
I was able to snag a couple extra of these great smelling soaps during tear down the next day.
Wedding Favour Soap
Different:  Guest list.
Jenna and Steve had an "Adult evening of dinner and merriment".
I always love kids at a wedding, seeing them tear it up on the dance floor is great.
You know what else is great?
Zero responsibility!
Grandma and Grandpa came over to hang with Feefs and Ced while we partied.
And party we did!
{I shouldn't say zero responsibility since I did still zip home throughout the day to nurse.
Thanks to the bridal party for being so accommodating.}
There was only one exception to the rule.  We all needed this Mama {below} to stay longer than an infant nursing schedule would allow so Chloe joined the party.
Same:  Flash Mob.
The Father-Daughter dance transitioned into a mash up of "Stayin' Alive", "YMCA", the "Chicken Dance", "Macarena", "Greased Lightning" and "Single Ladies".  It eventually got everyone on the floor for "I've got a Feelin" and was a perfect kick off to the night.
{I have no pics since I was involved.  Can anyone help me out?}

Same:  So much love and a touch of nostalgia.
The day was so easy going and real.
Jenna had a part of her Grandmother's veil {which her Mother also wore} made into a gorgeous comb.
Different:  Formal shoes.
My glutes got a good workout!
Same:  Comfy shoes.
Being ever the thoughtful friend, the Bride bought us bridesmaids some picture/dancing shoes.
Different:  Midnight lunch.
The urban feel of the pictures was complimented by some street meat courtesy of Fat Franks!
It was a huge hit, genius right?
Fat Franks
Same:  Beautiful.
Jenna said in her thank-yous that Pinterest planned her wedding.  
But even Pinterest couldn't have infused this much heart and soul.  
This day had Jenna written all over it.
{You know you're special if Bridget Ryan MCs your wedding.}
wedding Flowers
wedding Flowers
wedding Flowers
Congrats Jenna and Steve!

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