Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend at the Lake {aka: A Farewell to Summer}

Did you miss me?
I took the kids out of town on Wednesday last week.
We hate to leave Daddy behind but Feefs was itching to see her BFF Charlie.
{I must admit though, she wasn't the only one missing a friend.}
Luckily, we were able to tear Jeff away from the shop for a couple days and spend some time at our own lake.
kite flying
It was such a beautiful weekend but there were many hints of cooler times a comin'.
We watched neighbours bring in their docks and collect firewood.
This is cabin closing time for many.
{We, however, are the crazy type that head up in -40C. 
I swear it's really cozy with the fire roaring.}

The Canadian Geese flew overhead in that telltale formation.
The tree that still provides us with shade shed the first of the leaves that will soon blanket our lawn.
Fiona asked "what's that" when I produced a visible breath.
I was trying to demonstrate that the morning air was too cold for playing in the pool.

I can hardly believe that summer is over.
Time is flying by.
My little man turned 6 months a few days ago.
He must have decided that he needed to celebrate by hitting some milestones.
I watched him get up on hands and knees and sit unassisted.
I decided I needed to take action and make this kid seem more baby.
Bathing him in something small did the trick.
Baby bath
 I realized this weekend that I will in fact miss summer.
The abundance of wasps, however, pushed me to long for that first frost.

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